Linn Memran

Two Techniques for Preserving Childhood

Linn Memran, Mother, Manipulated image, 2021
Dad and I

What makes up the fabric of our personality? Adlerian psychotherapy tends to detect in early childhood memory narratives that weave our lifestyle. The artist Linn Memran offers two techniques for examining and analyzing these memories by working with old photographs.

Memory Fabric


  • two childhood photographs, scanned and printed on A4 construction paper;
  • box cutter;
  • glue;
  • A4 construction paper;
  • metallic ruler.

What would happen if we duplicate our childhood pictures? Or if we combined two events/memories/figures?


Carefully cut a photograph into strips and paste them on the top end of the paper. Cut the second photo in the same way and combine the two in a woof-and-warp formation. 

The gluing process creates a game of personal choice. Should we eliminate a whole row or just a few details? What are we choosing to show and what to hide?


Memory Sifter


  • A3/ A4 print of a childhood photograph;
  • Flour;
  • Sifter.


Place a photograph on a surface and sift flour on it, like in making a cake, through a thick strip of lace, an embroidered tablecloth, or a textured net). Carefully lift the screen to reveal the resulting texture and photograph it to capture the fragile image.